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Wedding Quotes


Marriage - a book in which the first chapter is written in poetry and the remaining chapters in prose.
Author: Beverly Nichols

The trouble with some woman is that they get all excited about nothing, and then marry him -
Author: Cher

The woman cries before the wedding and the man after.
Author: Polish Proverb

This day I will marry my friend, the one I laugh with, live for, dream with, love
Author: Anonymous

Two souls with but a single thought, Two hearts that beat as one.
Author: Friedrich Halm

We sat side by side in the morning light
and looked out at the future together.
Author: Brian Andres

What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate.
Mark 10:9
Author: BIBLE

Marriages are made in heaven and consummated on Earth.
Author: John Lyly

Marrying a man is like buying something you've been admiring for a long time in a shop window. You may love it when you get home, but it doesn't always go with everything else in the house.
Author: Jean Kerr

Men make love more intensely at 20, but make love better, however, at 30 - Men make love more intensely at 20, but make love better, however, at 30 - Catherine II of Russia
Author: Catherine II

Now join your hands, and with your hands your hearts.
Author: William Shakespeare

In Hollywood, brides keep the bouquets and throw away the groom.
Author: Groucho Marx

It is amazing at how small a price may the wedding ring be placed upon a worthless hand; but, by the beauty of our law, what heaps of gold are indispensable to take it off!
Author: Douglas Jerold

Live the life you've dreamed
Author: Henry David Thoreau

Marriage is a three ring circus: engagement ring, wedding ring, and suffering.
Author: Anonymous


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