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lilli baker

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I love sports!!! I really like basketball and volleyball.

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  • there are two kind of people in this world. those who like Neal dimond and those who do not.
Lilli's Favorites
  1. . If you're ridin' ahead of the herd, take a look back every now and then to make su...
    Will Rogers
  2. Vince Lombardi Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.
    Vince Lombardi
  3. John Keats A thing of beauty is a joy forever; its loveliness increases; it will never pass i...
    John Keats
  4. Benjamin Franklin Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today.
    Benjamin Franklin
  5. Albert Einstein Falling in love is not at all the most stupid thing that people do — but gravitati...
    Albert Einstein
  6. Marilyn Monroe A wise girl kisses but doesn't love, listens but doesnt believe, and leaves before...
    Marilyn Monroe
  7. . Why did the blonde nurse take a red magic marker to work? ... In case she had to d...
  8. . A blonde goes into a library and says, "Hello. I'm here to see the doctor." The l...
  9. . I am patient with stupidity but not with those who are proud of it.
    Edith Sitwell
  10. . The pen is mightier than the sword.
    Edward Bulwer-Lytton

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