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  • If life was wouldn't be as memorable or make us stronger.
  • it doesnt matter the direction your sailboat is facing..the light from the lighthouse is always going to fade and brighten
  • i may sit on the sideline but i never miss a play
  • snow will stick but it'll melt eventually
  • id rather build a pyramind than watch grass grow
  • you can wear camouflage but i can still see you
  • were like wildflowers but once you try spray us down our thorns come out
  • there are plenty of nuts out there for a squirrel but theres that one nut it cant live without
  • you say you cant wait to move away from them but once you do you say you cant wait til you see them again
  • rubber duckies are so cute and fun in the tub but sometimes i just want to push it in the tub and fill it up with water
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