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PLEASE, MEET MYSELF. Here is a poet, A writer, a researcher, and a friend. A youth, thoughtful and mild. A realist, a logist; One never once pampered by force of circumstance. A Nigerian, A Deltan, An Urhobo, From the east of the Ethiope River. Born

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  • A truth diluted, is a mile better than a lie, but never truth.
  • The dictates of reason may rob one of benign illusions.
  • The more the hair you keep, the more the food you need.
  • An orchestra is a masterful piecing of absurdities.
  • Do the dead need a certificate to tell you that they are dead as said?
  • Life is not for either sex, and so she is of temperament--neuter as ever neutral.
  • It is for the dense to shield away, that the beauty of the illumination be revealed.
  • Even the nose knows that crying is no good business, but for the good of after-tears.
  • I NEED A MATE I am a man As strong as should an able man Not always though am I as strong If you must know or ever know As many time I knew am wrong Like days of yore when I was young And most I knew of life was wrong For these foresaid I need a mate To bridge the mile betwixt the cliffs.
  • Even Noun itself is a noun.
  • Give me the love of children and the loyalty of bridled beasts; I need no more be at ill.
  • When enforcement is lax, one is driven by force of circumstance.
  • None is wise where there are no fools.
  • Reward of death is due all man, but afterwards is God's to give.
  • Money itself is air; and air mixes with air to form nothing.
  • I'M CONTENT Keep, I'd rather an almond Than the black diamond of Myanmar Bought with the blood of fighting merchants.
  • What is ignorance but knowing so little of the fact; perhaps, so much of what isn't so.
  • Do not you fry a fool in a sage's oil. A sage too is easily turned a fool.
  • A quiet fool is wise, somewhat.
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