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Well to start with I am 17 But turn 18 on March 23, 2012. I am a person that gets along with everyone and am vary understanding. I have also been known to be a vary wise person for my age.

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  • Life's not over until you give up, so never give up, find a reason, and live your life.~Devin Taylor~
  • FOR ONE THIS IS NOT A QUOTE THIS MORE ABOUT ME BECAUSE WHAT I WANTED TO TYPE WONT FIT IN THE SPACE FOR IT. I like to help people with whatever I can whether it is relationships, problems, or questions. If you thing I can help you go ahead and email me at "[email protected]," just send me you problem or question and if I can help I will be more then glad to do so. I am not what you would call a poet but anyone that has ever read my poems has said that I am vary gifted at writing poems.
  • 3 hunters are walking in the forest all day looking for their kill, well it gets dark and it is too long of a drive to go back home in the dark so they find a hotel that cost $30 a night so each one puts $10 down and they go to the room. the manager latter realizes that the rooms were $5 off to day and send the bell boy to the room to give the $5 back to them on the way to the room the bell boy says to him self i cant split $5 three way so gives the hunters $1 each and keeps $2 to himself. so if the room cost $25 that night the hunters paid $30 and the bell boy went and gave them $1 each keeping $2 to him self then were is the missing $1 if 9*3= 27 and 27+2=29 were did the $1 go well this is a problem that cant be solved by multiplying you have to add k 25+2=27 27+3=30.
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