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  • Three female construction workers are sitting on a skyscraper. The brunette opens her lunch box, sees a sandwich and says if the gets the same thing tomorrow she will jump off the skyscraper. The redhead opens her lunchbox, sees a sandwich as well and says the same thing. The blonde opens her lunch box and sees a sandwich as well and agrees with her friends. The next day all three girls get the same lunch and jump to their death. At the funeral, the brunette's and redhead's husbands are crying saying that if they would have known their wives didnt want sandwiches anymore they would have made something different for them. The blond's husband is laughing so hard that people thought he was crying too. When the people find out he is actually laughing, they are angry and ask him why hes laughing at his wife's death and he replies, "because she makes her own lunch!"
  • Whats the difference between a lawyer and a trampoline? You take your shoes off to jump on the trampoline
  • Why cant Chuck Norris grow hair on his testicles? You cant grow hair on balls of steel
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