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"It just brings a smile. Just hearing Battle Mountain in the Sweet 16 is really cool." Trent Beckley
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"Once the adrenaline kicked in, I kind of forgot about it until I hurt it again. When it hurt, I crunched my teeth together and squeezed all my strength together. I couldn't stop." Trent Beckley
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"That crowd was amazing. You can't ask much more of them. There were kids getting kicked out, kids going crazy. The funny thing is that they're having fun too. You're giving your school something to have fun about. That gives you joy inside, too. They're there for you and you're letting them have fun. It's really cool." Trent Beckley
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"This sets the stage for the rest of our run. We've got what we've done now, but it's not over. We haven't won the league championship. We have to keep going. We can't lose another game." Trent Beckley
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