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"Japan has always imported high-level opera productions from Italy, Vienna or Paris and I thought it's about time we create one here," Seiji Ozawa
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"The members feel like this is a kind of second home, ... There are many things happening in this one month. It?s wonderful, the connections with local people. Not necessarily music-lovers, but families invite the players to restaurants or other special events." Seiji Ozawa
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"It?s a great surprise to me -- a good surprise, ... In China I know they have an appetite to do classical music, but the standard was low until five years ago. Now, boom, something happened, because all the good people are young, like 17, 18 or 19. They were not around five years ago." Seiji Ozawa
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"That?s good, but try to enjoy yourself a bit more. Dance, dance," Seiji Ozawa
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