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"I respect the passion of the individuals that have been writing these letters. But some of them are filled with misinformation and have taken pot shots at President Rao, when he's been the one saying, 'Find a way to keep the museum open.' The campaign made absolutely no difference in this decision." Rich Morrison
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"We anticipate a synergy from the combined skills and experiences of these two individuals. Which one will be in charge of which museum area will be determined in part by their backgrounds and skills and seniority." Rich Morrison
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"This is a great day for the university and the museum. It has been tough. We would have liked to make this announcement six months ago, but we had to get all the pieces together. We had to get the buy-in and cooperation of a lot of folks and that takes time." Rich Morrison
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"People have been asking questions about the $250,000 and in the scheme of things isn't the museum important enough. But question isn't about the amount of money but where it's coming from. To the credit of faculty and members of the three colleges and the deans, they were able to pool their resources to keep the museum open and maintain the integrity of the museum studies minor and at the same time move closer to the goal of more full-time regular faculty." Rich Morrison
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