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"Everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die." Joe Louis
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Gary Bettman
Birth: 1952-06-02

"My message to the kids and our fans is hockey's a great game. There's a lot of hockey being played at all levels. Get involved, do it. We will be back and we will be back better than ever and hopefully as soon as possible. Don't give up on the game. It's too good."

The commissioner of the National Hockey League, Gary Bettman has been in the position since 1993, but not without controversy. Bettman ascended to the position after serving as senior vice president for the NBA. Under his administration, the NHL has grown impressively, including the addition of six new teams during an aggressive expansion phase. He has been chastised by hockey fans for trying to Americanize the game to make it more popular in the states, particularly in the south. Bettman has also been involved with two costly labor strikes, including 2004 when the season was cancelled…

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