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"If events go well, that's what you report. If things are going poorly, that's the reality. If bombs blow up and bombs kill Marines and kill soldiers, that's an important story, and covering that is not bias." Steven Livingston
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"Philosophy is written in that great book which ever lies before our eyes ... We cannot understand it if we do not first learn the language and grasp the symbols in which it is written. The book is written in the mathematical language ... without whos"

Galileo Galilei was born in Pisa Italy. Forced to leave school and supporting himself by tutoring, he became a lecturer at the University of Pisa. There, his discoveries began to challenge the prevailing view of physics, which was based on Aristotle, including his famous experiment where he found that two objects of two different weights would fall at the same rate from the same height. His own observations of the stars included discovering four moons around Jupiter, using his own version of a new invention, the telescope. He was a strong advocate of Copernicus'€™ theories and was warn…

"The words you need by the people you admire."

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