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"The new discoveries dramatically demonstrate that Uranus has a youthful and dynamic system of rings and moons. Until now nobody had a clue the rings were there, we had no right to expect them." Mark Showalter
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Denzel Washington
Birth: 1954-12-28

"I really want my father's life to be portrayed honestly. I don't want people getting drawn into the theatre because they want to see the last scene where he's shot and killed."

Denzel Washington made his film debut in the movie, A Carbon Copy. But it wasn'€™t until his role on television's St. Elsewhere that Washington began to become a major star in his own right. His first of five Academy Award nominations was for 1987'€™s Cry Freedom. He took home Best Supporting Actor honors for Glory two years later. Washington gained attention for tackling juicy roles, including his Oscar nominated performance in Philadelphia, Crimson Tide, Courage Under Fire and The Hurricane. He has also directed several movies, including Antwone Fisher, which he also co-starred in.

"The words you need by the people you admire."

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