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"Ren Höek: [stammering] I... I was nice today, nice to all those insipid little monkeys!, answering all their stupid letters!
[nervously looking at his hands]
Ren Höek: My hands... dirty!
[starts rubbing them together]
Ren Höek: The dirt won't come off!
Ren Höek: President what a joke, president... president of what?
[looks over at Stimpy]
Ren Höek: His fan club!, how they love him!
[crawls onto Stimpy's stomach]
Ren Höek: Look at him lying there asleep!
[stands up and stares at him]
Ren Höek: The idol of millions! He's a fool, a lying, silly little fool!, how easily I could end the farce
[looks at his hands]
Ren Höek: with these hands, these dirty hands!
[in a demonic voice]
Ren Höek: and with these hands I hold the fate of millions!, they think he's a god, but he's as mortal as we!, I know!
[imagines saw marks on Stimpy's neck]
Ren Höek: Just one quick twist!
[makes strangling and twisting motions]
Ren Höek: and it's over, just one!
[reaches for Stimpy's throat]
Ren Höek: [suddenly grabbing his head in pain] No it's happening again!, my brain!
[in a demonic voice]
Ren Höek: My hot stinging brain!
[shrieks in terror] "
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