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"Angela Evans: You saved me. Are you...?
Monica: I am an angel.
Angela Evans: Like... Like a real angel? Sent by...?
Monica: Sent by God.
Angela Evans: I knew there was something about you. Something so strong. Something so fearless. Something... Something I wanted to be.
[Starts to cry]
Monica: Shh... Look at me. Look at me, Angela. You are strong. You had the courage to make a sacrifice to save someone that you love and you taught me a lesson today. That love erases fear. For when I saw you out there, I would have dived into the deepest ocean to bring you back.
Angela Evans: It might not have been such a good idea.
Monica: You made the choice, Angela. You want to live. You just don't want to live like this
Angela Evans: But I can't change the past... Can you?
Monica: [Shakes her head] But all you need to know about the past is that no matter what has happened, it has all worked together to bring you to this very moment. And it is this moment right now that you can choose to make everything new.
Angela Evans: You know something about almost dying?
Monica: No. actually, I don't.
Angela Evans: All of a sudden, there's not a whole lot more to be afraid of."
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