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"Luke Danes: Just order, please.
Lane Kim: Did you take off the Monte Cristo sandwich?
Luke Danes: Well,I, uh...
Rory Gilmore: No!
Lorelai Gilmore: You did. You took off the Monte Cristo sandwich.
Luke Danes: I ommitted a few obsolete dishes.
Lorelai Gilmore: I can't believe Nicole made you take off the Monte Cristo. She's got you menu-whipped.
Luke Danes: She does not have me menu-whipped. I took off a disgusting ridiculous sandwich that no one has ever ordered, including the three of you.
Rory Gilmore: But just having it there made us feel like we always could.
Lorelai Gilmore: It was comforting.
Rory Gilmore: Like soup.
Lorelai Gilmore: Exactly. It was comforting like deep-fried ham and cheese soup.
Rory Gilmore: And even though I never ordered it, I talked about ordering it. Haven't I?
Lane Kim: On several occasions.
Lorelai Gilmore: So you've not only eliminated a sandwich, you've eliminated a conversation peice.
Rory Gilmore: Now what will we talk about?
Luke Danes: Fine. Here- old menus- everything's there. Knock yourselves out.
Lorelai Gilmore: ...How come everybody else gets a new menu?
Luke Danes: [Luke walks away]
Lorelai Gilmore: I feel much better now."
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