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"Paris Geller: I need the exact time of today's sunset.
Rory Gilmore: I'm in the middle of an article.
Paris Geller: Well, if you read faster, you wouldn't be.
Rory Gilmore: Okay, the time of today's sunset is 4: 31.
Paris Geller: Okay. Then I just have to keep my mind occupied until 4: 31.
Rory Gilmore: Paris.
Paris Geller: What?
Rory Gilmore: Tell me again why you're fasting for Ramadan.
Paris Geller: Look, Rory, if you want to crib your articles from the AP wire, that's your business. I, on the other hand, actually give a rat's ass about journalistic integrity. When I write about Ramadan, I experience Ramadan. Are you chewing gum?
Rory Gilmore: What? Yes, why?
Paris Geller: I'd really prefer it if you didn't chew it *at* me.
Rory Gilmore: Paris, did you know that not eating can make people kind of snippy?"
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