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"Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Oh wait. Wait!
Byron Sully: What?
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: Oh no!
Byron Sully: Contraction?
[slight worried look and Sully's face]
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: My water, it just broke. It's definately labor.
Byron Sully: All right. I'll get you back to town as fast as I can.
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: No, no we can't risk it. I can't travel that far. Labor is usually accelerated when the membranes rupture.
Byron Sully: [More intense look on Sully's face] What are you sayin'?
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: I'm saying we're going to have to deliver the baby here!
Byron Sully: [Panic has now set in] What?
Dr. Michaela 'Mike' Quinn: You'll deliver it, we both will.
Byron Sully: Alright, Alright. We can do this. Better lay down."
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