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"Cordelia: [about Lorne reading Cordelia] Well, it's not like I'm morally against letting demons into my subconscious for a quick lookie-loo. Hey, it might be fun... But with the Powers That Be doing this whole Book of Job thing..., the last thing I want is more noise in my head.
Angel: Maybe he can make the noise stop.
Cordelia: Yeah?
Angel: Isn't that what you want?
Cordelia: Yes! No. Well, no. Sure I hate looking and feeling like this, but if I lose the visions, I wouldn't be able to help you anymore. You wouldn't need me.
Angel: That's not why I need you. You're important, and the visions are just after market extras like Hurst shift or Craiger wheels.
Cordelia: Did you just compare me to a car?
Angel: It was a very nice car.
Cordelia: I guess it's better than a dog.
Angel: Cordy, let us try and help. Okay?
Cordelia: Okay."
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