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"Cordelia Chase: [answering the phone] Hello.
Mrs. Sharp: [on the phone] Miss Chase?
Cordelia Chase: [on the phone] Oh, Mrs. Sharp!
Mrs. Sharp: [on the phone] We were hoping you'd still be in the office.
Cordelia Chase: [on the phone] The back of your daughter's head is still okay, right? Because it's not like we offer a money-back guarantee. But then, you never paid us, did you?
Cordelia Chase: You do? Right now. No, that's great! Umm... You're on my way home, give or take thirty miles... Personal check? Normally not, but fine... Will you give me the address again? Uh-huh... Okay, great. I'll see you soon.
[hangs up]
Mrs. Sharp: [to the Demon in her home] One of them is on their way here."
Author Unknown
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