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"Cassie: The real question is why you're putting it in such a negative context. Yes, I am withdrawing somewhat, but is that a sin?
Ben: Great. Take a major problem, even though you won't tell me what it is, and turn it into one of your brainy discussions.
Cassie: Oh. Is that your opinion? You did finish seventh grade, so I want to give it the way it deserves.
Ben: And you graduated from Harvard, right?
Cassie: [sitting up a little straighter and looking angry] Okay, cowboy. Wanna play?
Ben: [also sitting up straighter] I'm not exactly sure what we're playing here, but yeah, let's go.
Cassie: It's all about introspection. And concepts which you are no doubt unable to digest at this point in your narrow-minded and sheltered pathetic life!
[turns away and folds her arms]
Ben: [pause] Go screw yourself.
[turns off light]
Cassie: [after small pause] Ben?
Ben: What?
Cassie: [leaning in a little closer] Are you mad at me?
Ben: Yeah.
Cassie: Well, I don't like it.
Ben: Then start talking to me like a real person.
Cassie: [remorsefully] I told you I was flawed when we met.
Ben: Cass, everybody's flawed. Just in different ways.
Cassie: [cuddles up next to Ben] I'm so sorry.
Ben: [kisses the top of her head] It's okay."
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