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"Ferguson: A spoiled brat, a domestic parasite, and a drunken old bat: who cares whether they're dead or not?
Cornelia Robson: You really are the rudest young man.
Ferguson: It's the future that matters, woman, not the past.
Cornelia Robson: Did you ever consider for one moment that someone out there might be grieving for that poor maid? Or how distraught Rosalie might be? And as for Linnet Doyle, well, she was just so beautiful.
Ferguson: [to Poirot, laughing] Do you know that Cornelia's father was practically ruined by Linnet's old man, and all she can say is how beautiful she was!
Cornelia Robson: I thought you said it was the future that mattered, not the past.
Ferguson: Touchee. Will you marry me?
Cornelia Robson: What?
Ferguson: It's against all my principles, I know, but I think you should, so how about it?
Cornelia Robson: It is a disgusting idea. You are opinionated, unreliable, and utterly, utterly irritating!
Ferguson: Well, apart from that?"
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