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"Luke: [Luke is buying self-help books but doesn't want Andrew to see them] What are you doing?
Andrew: I have to ring them up.
Luke: I ' ll just tell you the prices. This one is... $24.99.
Andrew: That high?
Luke: They're your prices!
Andrew: Can I just see the book?
Luke: I'm reading you the book. It says right here.
[looks at the price again]
Luke: Oh, wait - that's the Canadian price. $14.99.
Andrew: Will you just let me scan the book?
Luke: When you scan the book, do you see the title?
Andrew: Yes.
Luke: Then no.
Andrew: Luke, come on! What do you got there, porn?
Luke: You sell porn?
Andrew: No!
Luke: You think I brought my own porn in here to buy?
Andrew: I don't know what you're doing. I just need to scan the books.
Luke: [hands Andrew some money] This should cover it.
Andrew: A hundred bucks? That's way too much!
Luke: Take it.
[he leaves, then comes back in]
Luke: Bag.
[Andrew hands him one, he leaves again] "
Author Unknown
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