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"Master Shake: [trying to calm Frylock down about the bills] Look, we got electricity... and we got each other.
[electricity is cut off]
Master Shake: Look, we got each other. What, are you gonna bill us for that now?
Frylock: You are about to learn a lesson in responsibility Shake!
Master Shake: I'm responsible... for getting us into that club that one time. I smooth-talked that dude. You saw me lay it down.
Frylock: Frankly, Shake, I can live like this. You can't. And if you don't pay these bills, we'll just see how long it takes before you go out of your freaking mind.
Master Shake: I'm not backing down on this, *ever*!
[falls off chair]
Master Shake: Turn on the lights, I want you to see the look on my face! Do you hear me? Or did they send a guy out to shut off your ears because I didn't pay the ear bill?
[Shake crashes through a window, landing in the front yard]
Master Shake: [shouts] Where the hell is the switch?
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