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"[Watson is reading clues from a crossword puzzle to Holmes]
Dr. William Watson, M.D.: 1 Across. A simple source of citrus fruit, 1, 5, 4.
Arthur Sherlock Holmes: A lemon tree, my dear Watson.
[Elsewhere in the hotel, Moriarty shoots Sam Spade]
Dr. William Watson, M.D.: 2 Down. Conservative pays ex-wife maintenance. 7, 5.
Arthur Sherlock Holmes: Alimony...alimony Tory, my dear Watson.
Arthur Sherlock Holmes: Never cease to astound me.
[Moriarty takes a sword to Hercule Poirot]
Dr. William Watson, M.D.: 2 Down. Southern California style. 1, 2, 8.
Arthur Sherlock Holmes: A la Monterrey, my dear Watson.
Dr. William Watson, M.D.: Really good, holmes.
[Moriarty shoots M]
Dr. William Watson, M.D.: 4 Down. Burglar's entrance
Arthur Sherlock Holmes: Alarm entry, my dear Watson
Dr. William Watson, M.D.: That's rather poor, isn't it, Holmes? Right. One to go. A kind of fish with a sting in its tail.
Arthur Sherlock Holmes: Yellow manta ray, my dear Watson
Dr. William Watson, M.D.: Brilliant, Holmes
[Moriarty does in McCloud with an arrow]
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