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"[Remembering Chris Farley]
David Spade: Anyone understand why I'm the only one getting paid tonight? Okay, there was some confusion. It's good to be here tonight, we've got Tom Hanks, Michael Douglas in the audience. Don't these TV people give you the creeps? I feel uneasy. Actually I'm here to talk about Chris. I did two movies with Chris Farley. A funny one called Tommy Boy and another one called Black Sheep. And not only was Chris funny but he was also business-savy, like when Black Sheep came out, we tried to think of ways to raise awareness. Something original. We had a great idea: when people sneezed, instead of saying Bless You, we'd say Black Sheep! It was almost too good: Achoo! Black Sheep! It never really caught on. Not even with friends. It was actually more Chris's idea. But the saddest part about tonight: it's hard to talk about him but the truth is that no one would've had a better time tonight around all his buddies, everyone he loved here.
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