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"Announcer: They came by the thousands from all across America to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of The Price Is Right on CBS, and the party is in Las Vegas! Yes, we're in Las Vegas at Harrah's fabulous Rio. The beautiful Samba Theatre is filled to overflowing with people hoping to come on down and win fantastic prizes on television's most exciting hour. Here it comes! The Price is Right 30th Anniversary Special! Joshua Bubeck, come on down! Laurene Burnette, come on down! Kristen Badswell, come on down! Linda Yeager, come on down!
[to Rod's surprise, Linda is in the front row right right beside contestant's row]
Announcer: Oh, you are the first four contestants on The Price is Right! And now, here is the star of the The Price is Right 30th Anniversary Special, Bob Barker!
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