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"John Thornton: Where are you going?
Margaret Hale: To London. I've been to Milton.
John Thornton: You'll not guess where I've been.
[Thornton pulls a rose from Helstone out of his pocket]
Margaret Hale: You've been to Helsone! I thought those had all gone!
John Thornton: I found it in the hedge row. You have to look hard. Why were you in Milton?
Margaret Hale: On business. Well, that is, I have a business proposition. Oh dear, I need Henry to help me explain.
John Thornton: You don't need Henry to explain.
Margaret Hale: I have to get this right, It's a buisness proposition. I have some £15,000. It is lying in the bank at present, earning very little interest. Now, my financial advisors tell me that if you were to take this money and use it to run Marlborough Mills, you could give me a much better rate of interest. So you see, it is only a buisness matter, you'd not be obliged to me in any way. It is you who would be doing
[Thornton reaches down and grabs Margaret's hand]
Margaret Hale: me the service.
[Margaret grabs Thornton's hand and kisses it]
Margaret Hale: [Thornton touches the side of her face and leans in and kisses her]
[Margaret walks back to Henry, and he gives her suitcase to her]
Margaret Hale: Henry, I
Henry Lennox: Goodbye, Margaret.
[Margaret walks back to Thornton]
John Thornton: You're coming home with me?
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