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"[Dante, Randal, Jay, Silent Bob, Elias and the Sexy Stud have been taken to a holding cell]
Randal Graves: ...Jail cell design hasn't changed much in centuries past, has it? Maybe it's time they brought in the laser bars.
Jay: Yo, they could have a hard plastic cage like Magneto's in X-Men 2! Nauw...
Randal Graves: Come on, let's keep it in the real world, buddy. But you know wouldn't be a bad idea? Carbonite.
[Randal turns to Dante]
Randal Graves: What do you think, Dante?
[Dante looks up and glares at him, then charges at Randal, slamming him into the bars]
Dante Hicks: I think I'm gonna kill you!
Jay: What up, steel cage match!
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