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"[Danny walks in on Derek and Stacey having sex]
Danny Vinyard: [whispering] Der. Derek.
Stacey: Jesus, Danny! ****in' perv.
Derek Vinyard: Jesus, Danny. What the **** are you thinking?
Danny Vinyard: Derek, there's a black guy out there breaking into your car.
Derek Vinyard: How many Danny? How many?
[Derek quickly pulls on white boxers and black combat boots]
Danny Vinyard: one I think.
Derek Vinyard: Is he strapped?
Danny Vinyard: Huh?
Derek Vinyard: Does he have a ****ing gun Danny?
Danny Vinyard: Man I don't ****in' know.
[Derek pulls out a gun from his dresser drawer]
Stacey: Oh, my God Derek what are you doing?
Derek Vinyard: Not right now honey.
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