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"Any idiot can face a crisis - it's day to day living that wears you out." Anton Chekhov
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Mel Brooks
Birth: 1926-06-28

"You're always a little disappointing in person because you can't be the edited essence of yourself."

Known as the short, funny Jewish guy who has made a string of memorable movies, Mel Brooks is a film director, producer, screenwriter and actor. He got his start writing for Sid Caesar's Show of Shows in the 1950s. He went on to create Get Smart for television. Brooks is most well known for his movies, from The Producers and Blazing Saddles to Silent Movie and Young Frankenstein. Brooks took The Producers to Broadway in 2001 starring Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane. The play won 12 Tonys, the most presented to a single show in history. As a producer himself, Brooks has been responsi…

"The words you need by the people you admire."

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