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Few men would argue that the reason the world keeps spinning on its axis each day is because of the women in our lives. From mothers and sisters to lovers and wives, women are the yang to a man's yin. There can't be one without the other. Women quotes remind us about what a gift women are, including one the perennial favorites: "Sure God created man before woman. But then you always make a rough draft before the final masterpiece." Though the author is unknown, truer words have been rarely spoken, as women are indeed a masterpiece, each as unique as a snowflake.

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Kathy Whitham
In recent weeks, the American news media has covered a number of women's issues that have been argued about for as long as I can remember. Topics such as the work ethics of stay-at-home moms, equal pay for equal work, contraception, and even rumors about celebrities having "work done" have i… [ Read More ]
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