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There may be wisdom of the ages, but it's not something they hand out readily on street corners. Wisdom comes with age it seems, and those wise enough to pen wisdom quotes seem to understand this all too well. We are born with naivety, which helps us explore our world without bounds or preconception. But it is that exploration, the travails of making both good and ill-advised decisions, that brings us wisdom. When we are young, we tend to think that youth is an asset. As we age, we learn the folly of this, finding that wisdom tempered with a bit of wile can move mountains that previously were immoveable.

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Denise Gangnes
Wisdom Quotes to Improve the Presidential Campaign
I've been tracking the presidential race pretty closely this year. It has been intriguing, amusing, and some days, mind boggling. After all, it was less than a month ago that I wrote about founding fathers and their quotes of wisdom. It reminds me of how desperately we need more of that i… [ Read More ]
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Jonathan Baron
What Profit is Wisdom?
With the wide popularity and prevalence of the internet, the wisdom of the ages and today is now glaringly available to us all.  What is wisdom? What makes something wise?  What's the difference between wisdom and intelligence?  Why do we value wisdom? Wisdom is the practical application of … [ Read More ]
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Denise Gangnes
Famous Quotes - Use Them Every Day!
Famous Quotes - "The nicest thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time." This upbeat saying reminds us that it's really easy to sound smart by stealing famous quotes from the internet. A quick search of Great-Quotes website bears this out. Perhaps the oversaturation by the p… [ Read More ]
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