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Whether you’re having a joyous moment in your own life or simply want to wish someone all the happiness in theirs, you can’t really beat happiness quotes from some of the world’s best writers, poets and celebrities. As you know, when things are good you want to share the feeling with everyone and when a friend is down, you want to lift their spirits. Happiness quotes can do the trick. Best of all, there is a huge selection of quotes out there because the topic is so broad and the feeling so great. In fact, we’re just happy thinking about all the possibilities!

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Great Wine Quotes through the Centuries
My recent visit to the California wine country inspired an investigation of wine quotes by historical figures and notable celebrities from the past. Sometimes it seems that's where all the truly great Wine Quotes came from, why should wine-related observations be any different? For ease of… [ Read More ]
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Denise Gangnes
Happiness Quotes - Road to Happiness in 5 Easy Steps
Let's face it - this can be a depressing time of year for many of us. Failed New Year's resolutions, frigid temperatures, unpaid holiday bills... should I go on? Hey, if you feel this way, you're not alone! Winter can be challenging for keeping a positive attitude (unless you're "down und… [ Read More ]
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