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The old saw that "you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family” may be true, but most of us would agree that we cherish our family ties. Family quotes capture the very essence of our unique relationship with our kin who are always there for us through good times and bad, always offering a shoulder to lean on or cry on in our hour of need. In fact, one of the many memorable family quotes here can even help you find the right way to say something that may have always been in your heart, but never seemed to roll easily from your lips. Definition of Family
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Jonathan Baron
Violence, the Media, and Family: What should the focus be?
There has been a recent media focus on violence, and in particular, gun violence. I don't want to talk about violence, or the pros and cons of a new gun law, or the fiscal cliff. I want to talk about families. Families are the essential building block of society. Whether our family i… [ Read More ]
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