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The yearn to be free and to have an equal voice in the affairs of the people through a democratically elected government was a noble experiment when our Founding Fathers first met to form a new nation. Democracy quotes remind us of those freedoms through the ideals of the men who first proposed such a bold initiative and those who have fought valiantly since to preserve the very freedoms we often take for granted. As these democracy quotes remind us, democracy is of the people, for the people and by the people, and though fragile at times, it is unwavering in its conviction that everyone should have an equal voice in it. Definition of Democracy
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Robb Zerr .
A peaceful change of power.
An amazing thing happened on Jan. 21. Without the need for revolution, insurgency, terrorism or war, the power of the American government changed. True, it didn't change much this time around. But every four years, for better or worse, our leadership changes without the need for bloodsh… [ Read More ]
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