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Attitudes are funny things. They can manifest themselves in so many ways. For example, you can have a good attitude about life. Or you can have a bad attitude, one where no one wants to mess with you, because you’re so bad. In between, your attitude can be cautious, melancholy, sad, pensive – the range of emotions and attitudes is infinite. Attitude quotes can capture the very essence of our mood and attitude. It can let us know our own mindset and allows others to take a peek inside that head of ours, knowing why we’re copping an attitude, good, bad or anywhere in between. Definition of Attitude
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Denise Gangnes
Attitude Quotes to Adjust your Weekend
Is it just me or was this the longest week ever? I blame it on the moon. Scientists confirm that the moon slows down the rotation of the earth... is it possible that a full moon makes the days seem longer? But it's the weekend... time to adjust our attitude so we can fully enjoy the glori… [ Read More ]
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