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Kathy Whitham
Kathy Whitham

Kathy's first true loves were always creative writing and art--talents that have served her well for the past 17 years in shaping the minds of students as a college English instructor in Seattle. Even though teaching composition, literature, and film study has its perks, her aspirations to be a writer were manifested in scribbling her memoirs and keeping a teaching journal. A collaboration with a longtime friend and freelance writer encouraged Kathy to put down her #2 pencil and try her hand at blogging. Now, between grading students' essays and attending faculty meetings, she feverishly tackles a variety of writing projects. Kathy's other life includes clowning around with her husband, trying to keep up with two daughters, and tackling the relentless weeds in her garden.

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Kathy Whitham
In recent weeks, the American news media has covered a number of women's issues that have been argued about for as long as I can remember. Topics such as the work ethics of stay-at-home moms, equal pay for equal work, contraception, and even rumors about celebrities having "work done" have i… [ Read More ]
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