Don't Worry About a Thing, Bob Marley

Posted March 23, 2012 by Robb Zerr
Bob Marley “Don’t worry about a thing, every little thing is gonna be alright.” Bob Marley Quotes

Any fan of Bob Marley knows this line from the song Three Little Birds. In just a few lines it captures the very essence of life in the Caribbean where everything moves at a snail’s pace, change is something to be considered in due course, and islanders buy expensive watches so they can see how late they are.

Marley’s fame continues on today, of course, even though he died in 1981. Responsible for the popularity of reggae beyond the shores of his native Jamaica, Marley was a symbol of the Rastafarian movement and a preacher of world peace and harmony.

The inspiration for the lyrics of Three Little Birds is shrouded in mystery. One of Marley’s friends maintains that the song really is about three little birds that used to frequent his home. “Bob got inspired by a lot of things around him,” he once said. “I remember the three little birds. They were pretty birds, canaries, who would come by the windowsill at Hope Road.”

It’s a great story about what inspired the song, but the members of I Threes, remember it differently. Performing on the same shows as Marley, three of its female singers said that he referred to them as his three little birds. After multiple encores, he supposedly asked his three little birds if he should do another.

Regardless of their origins, these words from Three Little Birds are still some of Marleys’ best-known lyrics.

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