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Posted January 23, 2012 by Denise Gangnes
Anyone who has a Facebook account knows that there are more than a few users who like to brag about the number of friends they have. A person can even categorize them as acquaintances, close friends, relatives, etc. While this is done primarily for reasons of convenience and privacy, it forces us think a little more deeply about our relationships and how we relate to those with whom we've forged a connection.
Indeed, Friendship Quotes are one of the most researched topics on the Internet. Hopefully, this is a reflection that although our interaction with others on the World Wide Web at times seems superficial, it has the potential for long-lasting support and hopefully, actual physical contact.
Many prolific writers have penned very astute observations over the past several centuries on the subject of Friendship Quotes. As a result, it's easy to find heartfelt and meaningful thoughts that not will not only impress your friends, but help you consider what friendship really means on a deeper level. The Greek philosopher Aristotle summed this up well in this friendship quote: To the query, ''What is a friend?'' his reply was ''A single soul dwelling in two bodies." This would explain the phenomenon we experience when one person starts a sentence and the second finishes it without a beat.
Much-loved author and humorist Mark Twain was well known for a wicked sense of humor... something that must have tested his friends from time to time. One of his better known pranks involved a Facebook-like "posting" that wreaked havoc among his closest chums: "I once sent a dozen of my friends a telegram saying 'flee at once - all is discovered.' They all left town immediately." What this says about the character of Twains' friends is left up to the reader.
Perhaps the true test of friendship occurs when one party suffers misfortune or tragedy. Many friendship quotes touch on the importance of the support of friends in hard times, as noted by 19th century poet and essayist Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Real friendship is shown in times of trouble; prosperity is full of friends." Sometimes in times of despair it's our friends who lift us up again, as in "A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and sings it back to you when you have forgotten how it goes." Newspaper editor Edgar Howe takes this one step further in his proactive advice, "When a friend is in trouble, don't annoy him by asking if there is anything you can do. Think up something appropriate and do it."
Real friends accept us for who we are: all the flaws, mistakes, warts and all, as quipped in this humorous friendship quote, "A true friend is one who thinks you are a good egg even if you are half-cracked." Not only do they love us despite our faults, but sometimes friends need to be honest enough to help us face a difficult fact, as gently explained by composer Robert Brault, "Cherish the friend who tells you a harsh truth, wanting ten times more to tell you a loving lie."
And although it is said that blood is thicker than water, you might agree with this friendship quote by the insightful actress Audrey Hepburn, "True friends are families which you can select". Although whether your friends would be able to offer you their kidney is another story!
Perhaps the most optimistic friendship quote of all is attributed to the great Will Rogers, who said, "Strangers are just friends I haven't met yet." Something tells me that if he were alive, Will Rogers' compilation of friends on Facebook might be the longest list of all.

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