Graduation Quotes - Words to the Wise

As someone graduates from high school of college they think they have gained a lot of wisdom. After all, what did they go to school for if not to learn? They figure they have done all that studying and test taking and passed all their classes to prove they know what they need to know. But that's not the case. Those who have graduated know there is more to learn and much wisdom to be gained from life after graduation.  So, how can you get this message along to a new graduate?  Well, you can lecture them about real life, or you can take a more subtle tact. One of those tacts is to give them a lasting, attractive, reminder of the wisdom that is yet to come.

There are many graduation gifts that are given as a student hits that pinnacle in life. Money is definitely a popular one, as there are lots of things to be purchased as one begins a career. However, there are also a lot of graduation quotes that can be given. These can remind them of where they have been and where they are going.  It can also help keep them grounded.

How do you give a quote? Well there are a number of ways you can gift graduation quotes. Some ways are a little more kitschy while others can be artwork.

Coffee Mug

Most career minded graduates will be heading into the workforce after graduation. That means they will likely be making regular trips to the coffee machine or water cooler. By putting graduation quotes that are suiting on a coffee mug they will have it on hand all the time. That means they will remember your important words every time they take a drink.


A lot of people love having t-shirts with wise sayings on them. This is no exception when it comes to graduation quotes. There are a few ways to go with this. One is to purchase or have a regular shirt made with just the quote on it. Or you can make it more personal. You can personalize the shirt with the graduate's name and graduation date as well as the quote.

One thing to consider when it comes to t-shirts is that not all people like t-shirts.  Additionally, for those going into a corporate environment, they may not be able to wear that shirt at work. That means the quote may not be around when they need it.


One of the more popular ways to display great graduation quotes these days is to do it with piece of artwork. They also range from the simple to the quite extravagant. For example, you could go as simple as a decorative frame with the quote inside, printed in an attractive font. Others are full, beautiful photos or drawings that have the quote incorporated into them. Depending on the size of the frame, these can be displayed on a desk in the office or on a wall. Either way, they will allow your quote to be professionally displayed for the graduate to see any time they need it.

While many people think that graduation quotes are something that just look good in a greeting card, the truth is they can be a great support system when needed. A strong quote that reminds the graduate of where they have been and what they have made it through can often give them a little extra boost when they are having a hard time. Likewise, when new opportunities offer themselves to the graduate, your quote may be the one that reminds them that while they have learned plenty in the past, there is much more to learn and as they continue forging their way into their future.


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