Top Motivational Graduation Quotes

Graduation is not an end; it is a beginning. This may seem like a great motivational graduate quote itself, and perhaps it is, but it's also a statement of fact. Many people think of graduation as the completion and end of a part of life. While it is true that it's the end of a time period of study in an institution, whether high school or college, the gaining of that diploma is also the first step towards a career life. If there is a student that you know who is approaching the graduation milestone, you may be wondering what to get for them or how to help them take that next step in their life.  The right gift is motivation. You want to help them have the motivation to take on the next portion of their life - the career to come.

How can you do this?

One way is to put words in front of them that remind them where they were and where they are going. There are a number of motivational graduation quotes out there that may offer the perfect message for that new graduate you know. Here are a couple:

"All that stands between the graduate and the top of the ladder is the ladder." – Unknown

This is a great quote to remind the graduate that the piece of paper they hold is only a stepping stone, a doorway to what is next and that they have plenty of work to do to accomplish their goals, but that they are armed and ready to start that trek.

"Graduation is only a concept. In real life every day you graduate. Graduation is a process that goes on until the last day of your life. If you can grasp that, you'll make a difference." - Arie Pencovici

This reminds the graduate that not only was their graduation an accomplishment, but that they are always having such accomplishments.  Many people think they have to hit a major milestone in life for it to be worth recognizing. This is not true. There are important things one will learn and experience every day of their life and career.  Each of these may 'graduate' the one experiencing them to a new level.

"All our dreams can come true...if we have the courage to pursue them." - Walt Disney

Who better to explain dreams than Walt Disney!  Walt was known for making dreams come true. When it came to his theme parks and plans for Disney, many thought he was crazy and that they would never come to fruition, but he was determined to see them realized and they were. This is the same type of message that can be taught to today's graduates by having this quote in front of them.

"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.- William Arthur Ward

Along the same lines as Disney, Ward was a master of pointing out the importance of taking your dreams and following them to realization. In a world that is full of tough knocks it is important that graduates who are entering the work force see words of encouragement to counter that negativity.

There are many ways you can deliver these types of quotes to a graduate. While many people put these in a greeting card to give to the graduate on their special day, that will not stay with them. You want them to be able to lean on those words for strength when needed. For this reason, consider something more permanent such as a framed artistic representation of the quote they can look to at home or work, when they need it.


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