When it comes to being able to follow your dreams and try the things you really want to do in life, have you ever considered what it is that holds you back from reaching those goals? Often the problem is that you are allowing fears of some kind to get in your way.


Fear is a very powerful emotion. It is an emotion that can stop you in your tracks when you are on the right path to reaching a goal or enjoying a dream come true.


Now, overcoming fear is no simple feat. It may take years to overcome fear of failure. We have been habitually trained to be afraid to fail by the world around us. While it is not a bad thing to always want to succeed, we unfortunately have a different reaction to this fear. Often we decide to shut ourselves down and not try to succeed out of fear of what would happen if we fail. This is not the message our youth was supposed to teach us.


It was supposed to teach us to work as hard as we can to succeed, to follow those dreams and keep trying to reach them and not give up and settle for failure, but we somehow lost the message along the way.


So, how can we reclaim that message? Well one of the first options is to remind yourself that you are supposed to push to succeed…and that while failure can happen that does not mean you have to give up on your goals and dreams. One way to try and reclaim this message is to use motivational quotes to remind you of the path you are on.

Let's start with a few quotes:

"The greatest mistake you can make in life is to continually be afraid you will make one." - Elbert Hubbard

"He who fears being conquered is sure of defeat." - Napoleon Bonaparte

"Failure teaches success." - Japanese Proverb

Any of these get the message to you. It's ok to fear and feel fear, it's just not ok for you to let fear take control or keep you from doing what you want to be able to do or accomplish. You need to reset your brain to understand this message and remove some of that confusion that has been put in there over the course of your life.

This changing of how you look at things is not an easy thing to do. Consider how many years it has been since you have been thinking that way. Chances are you have been in this kind of mindset for decades. That means it is not going to go away overnight. As a matter of fact, it may not go away in days, weeks or even months. This could be a very long process of 're-training' yourself to believe in yourself, but motivational quotes may be able to help.

One reason habits can keep a hold of you is because they are always there in your mind, because you are used to them. Well, that just means you need to get your mind used to something else. You need to retrain your mind that there are positive thoughts about trying to do things and experience things in life, and not all negative ones, and that failure is not the end.

By surrounding yourself with motivational quotes to this end you will be able to better keep your mind focused on the positive and push away those negative and limiting thoughts when they try to creep into your head. Be it a book you keep nearby, or just a couple of handwritten quotes in your wallet, you should always have them at your command to keep you on track.


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